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What We Do

CRPAWS helps maintain the feline population in the areas below. We also administer the LFACR facebook group which works with over 8000 community members to assist in returning lost pets to their owners.

Primarily City of Campbell River – South to the Oyster River (occasionally Black Creek when collaborating with other rescue groups).

North to Port Hardy including outlying islands – assisting with local area groups and individuals concerned about animal welfare.

Several First Nations Communities located within above areas – We have developed a rapport with members and work with them to control cat populations and improve their welfare.

Trap-Neuter-Return: or TNR for short, is a proven, cost efficient and effective approach to managing the feral cat populations that are found in most urban and rural communities. TNR is the most humane practice for handling feral cats, it is also the only practice that works.

After being humanely trapped, cats are taken to a vet where they are spayed or neutered, tattooed, vaccinated and treated for any other medical issues. Following their recovery, the cats are returned to their colony, where volunteers continue post-return feeding and monitoring. Kittens and socialable strays are not returned and are instead fostered and adopted.

Fostering: Semi-social kittens and cats are socialized in our loving foster homes to prepare them for adoption into furever homes.

Barn Cat: Although the majority of cats can easily live as indoor house pets, sometimes we have cats whose only alternative is to live as a barn cat.

Maintain Cat Colonies: Feed, provide shelters, monitor health, remove & socialize kittens, and investigate newcomers