About Us

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Our Mission

To promote the well-being and safety of animals in Campbell River area through education, recovery of lost pets, and maintenance of community & feral cats including TNR (trap-neuter-return) and liaison with other rescue organizations.

Who We Are

In 2014, a small group of volunteers formed to aid in the care of Campbell River’s community and feral cat population; feral colony caretaking, trap-neuter-release, barn cat placement, and socialization of semi-social kittens and cats. That would be the beginnings of CRPAWS and these still remain our main objectives.

After multiple collaborative projects with the very popular and successful “Lost and Found Animals of Campbell River” Facebook page team, we amalgamated our two groups in order to combine resources.

In 2016, CRPAWS became a registered Canadian charity and in 2019 we were incorporated as a BC Registered Society. Our society is operated entirely by local volunteers and governed by a seven-member Board of Directors. Although our society is still an active advocate and caretaker for the feral and community cat population, we now assist in lost animal searches, advocate for animal welfare, foster/socialize/adopt kittens and cats, and barn cat placements.

The current board positions are held by:

  • Angela Caparelli, President
  • Lisa Seeley, Vice-President
  • Stacey Larsen, Secretary
  • Tina Bailey, Treasurer
  • Joy Elliot, Board Member at Large
  • Karen Ingle, Board Member at Large

Our mandate is community cats so when we locate friendly cats or kittens they are surrendered to the local SPCA. If they are at capacity, we hold and care for them until they can be transferred. Often residents find animals during the evenings and weekends when the SPCA is closed so for their safety we hold them till they’re open and are able to accept. Our goal is to supplement the work the SPCA does for animals but not duplicate it. We network regularly to facilitate the best treatment and outcome for animals.