Lost and Found

orange kitten on the ground

Lost and Found Animals of Campbell River (LFACR) is a cooperative group within Facebook communities that was established in 2012. In 2016, LFACR joined another group of volunteers to create CRPAWS. Together we are working to help animals in our community.

The purpose of the Facebook group is to give pet guardians an online location to post notices for lost or escaped and found animals. The group is comprised on over 8,000 local, caring pet advocates who share posts and assist with locating animals, which in most cases result in the return of beloved pets to their owners.

LFACR offers online visibility, equipment for retrieval of pets, and collaboration with local rescue groups such as CRPAWS, SPCA, and Animal Control to ensure the highest probability of Lost and Found returns. We also work closely with other Lost and Found Groups on Vancouver Island.

LFACR upholds the mission statement of CRPAWS; which is to promote the well-being and safety of animals in Campbell River area through education, recovery of lost pets, and maintenance of community/feral cats including TNR and liaison with other rescue organizations.

If you have LOST or FOUND an animal in the Campbell River area, join our Facebook page and post a photograph with as much detail and description as possible.

Items to include in your post:

  • Photo
  • Name of animal
  • Breed/colour/size
  • Location of lost/found animal
  • Tattoo or any other form of identification
  • Contact info (name + phone number)
  • Any behaviour characteristics “friendly, timid, doesn’t like other dogs” etc
  • Remember to check your post regularly for updates and to update when the animal has been reunited with its owner.