Barn Cat

CRPAWS sometimes rescues cats that are better suited for barns, warehouses, or shops. This program is designed to find homes for cats that would traditionally be deemed un-adoptable through normal adoption procedures. Their temperament ranges from feral/semi-feral to sometimes friendly. Generally two or more cats are placed together to their new location so they have a buddy, which increases their chances of bonding to their new home. The cats receive food, water, and shelter, and in exchange they help keep down the rodent population and help deter other stray cats from moving in. All cats are spayed or neutered, so no need to worry about litters of kittens!


  • A secure and dry barn or building for shelter.
  • A commitment and ability to keep the cats confined to a crate or small room for 4 weeks to familiarize them to their new home before release (crates can be supplied).
  • A constant supply of dry food and fresh water.
  • Veterinary care as required.


  • Are in good health and have had a general exam by a vet
  • Are spayed or neutered, and tattooed and/or microchipped
  • Treated for fleas and basic immunization shots

There is no charge to adopt a barn cat, but donations are very much appreciated. Such donations enable us to continue helping cats in need!