Limited Income Application

Program Temporary Suspended

Due to the current veterinary shortage we are unable to secure appointments for our program. We will announce through social media when we are able to restart the program.

CRPAWS is a 100% volunteer charitable organization, that works together with a network of veterinarians who are donating part of the cost of the regular spay/neuter prices to help those who cannot otherwise afford to spay or neuter their pets. This program has been created for pet owners and caretakers with genuine financial needs. You must truthfully supply all of the information requested on this form to be eligible for the program.


$20,999 or less in total yearly household income the cost to the client is $0.
$21,000 – $35,000 in total yearly household income the cost to the client is $50 per feline.

Applicants MUST provide proof of Total Annual Income by including a copy of one of the following:

  • The Notice of Assessment from the most recent taxation year for each income earner in your household.
  • Your most recent GST/HST statement or the Canada Child Benefits Notice, that provides your Total Family Income.
  • This information is essential to qualify for the Low Income Spay/Neuter program and will be kept confidential. The tax record will be destroyed after the application has been processed, and the spay/neuter completed.
  • We ask that you black out your Social Insurance Number on the Notice of Assessment, this information is not required.

CRPAWS will cover the following additional costs such as hernia repair, pregnancy add on and crypt orchid neuter. Each patient will receive a nail trim, capstar (flea treatment, if needed), tattoo and 3 days of pain control.
Client will be responsible for the following additional procedures – e-collar, microchip, vaccines and external and internal parasiticides. Vaccinations are recommended but not mandatory. Any additional procedures must be arranged by the client prior to their appointment

Applicant Responsibility:
Client is responsible to ensure the pet is kept indoors 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.
Client is responsible to transport the pet in a carrier too and from the Vet. If client is unable to provide transportation and/or a carrier, contact CRPAWS 48 hours prior to your appointment to arrange transportation.

Applicants who miss appointments will need to reapply to the Low Income Spay/Neuter Program.